CRUNCH TIME from Blackwater Turtle Refuge


Conservation Using Educational Commercialization. Leave your mark, not your footprint.




Thanks for all your hard work.  I think that everything looks great.  He sure is big.  I had the chance to listen to a number of visitors on Saturday afternoon and there is no question, he is a show stopper.


Gregory B. Geise

President & Chief Executive Officer,

Binder Park Zoo

Our four page color brochure and floor plan give specific information about our show and the requirements of our set up.

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Please access our reference list.  No doubt CRUNCH is a proven attraction.

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A quick guide to some CRUNCH statistics

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We work to assure you get a first class, entertaining, educational exhibit that draws a crowd.


  I just wanted to thank you for your top quality Crunch exhibit and your tireless efforts to engage the public in a meaningful way.  We had excellent attendance for all three days and no doubt Crunch played a significant role in bringing in those guests.  Your ability to be here on Friday morning for TV/press coverage was also very important in bringing in the crowds.  Hope you have a safe trip back home.  We hope to bring you back again in the future.


Fred Farris

Deputy Executive Director

Virginia Living Museum