CRUNCH TIME from Blackwater Turtle Refuge


Conservation Using Educational Commercialization. Leave your mark, not your footprint.



THE Alligator Snapping Turtle
165 lbs., over 150 years old


Alligator Snappers are the largest fresh water turtle species on earth.  They are only native to America, truly an American treasure.


Boost your attendance this year by showing them our American treasure. Make this attraction yours.


Our goal is to create a lasting memory. We do this by exhibiting a live, prehistoric looking creature and presenting educationally oriented entertainment. People are amazed by Crunch. They are in awe by his size, his look and the facts they are told while they view him.

Watch CRUNCH eating a 9 lb. meal on You Tube!

When we're not on the road, what do we do?



Exhibit viewers are amazed by CRUNCH.

When it's CRUNCH TIME-
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A lasting memory is made!